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Veritas Vincit specializes in creating handmade, modest clothing for Catholics, specifically made to fit you perfectly. Check out our first design today!

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Traditional Woodworking

Following the traditional techniques of the past, I also offer a growing range of handmade wooden gifts.

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Gilbert Keith Chesterton wrote this classic poem in honour of the great naval victory achieved by the Catholic fleet of ships Don Juan of Austria over the Mohammedan Turks, who vastly outnumbered the Christian forces. Pope Saint Pius V implored the Faithful to pray... read more

Saint Dominic and the Most Holy Rosary

Do you know the story behind the origins of the Most Holy Rosary? Rationalist, naturalists, and modernists will scoff at the following story, as they are completely mortified that anyone in this day and age would believe in anything to do with miracles and the... read more

On the Most Holy Rosary

On this glorious Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, let us meditate on the words of Saint Louis de Montfort, who, in his The Secret of the Rosary, implores us to pray the Rosary with great fervor every day of our lives, no matter how bored we may be, or how... read more

The Hail Mary of a Protestant

The sweet words of the Ave Maria are so powerful, yet so few Catholics even bother to pray. Do we? Can we take the one minute per day to say 3 Hail Marys upon waking, and before bed? Offer up each prayer so that you may grow in the three Theological Virtues of Faith,... read more

Go read Denzinger!

+JMJ+ Day two of the Synod of Sacrilege has just ended with yet another demonstration of how traditionalists, who hold to the True Faith in every iota are cast as rigid, schismatic, pelegian, unfaithful, disobedient, and stuck in the 1950s, while the heretics and... read more